4 Common Asbestos Related Penalties SCAQMD Enforces

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SCAQMD stand for South Coast Air Quality Management District. It was created by the state Legislature to facilitate compliance with the federal Clean Air Act. Their job is to ensure that public health standards are met by developing and enforcing regulations. Their goal is to reduce emission from businesses and industries, as well as to ensure air meets federal and state air quality standards.
That being said, their job is to ensure their regulations are met to meet safe standards. It is then a contractor’s job to ensure he meets these standards when it comes to reporting information. The general problem that occurs is miscommunication. Contractors will get penalized for not complying with their standard even if the contractor had no idea that they existed.
This post is to help contractors with four common penalties that contractors receive.

1. 10-day Notification
Following EPA 40 CFR 763, you are required to notify SCAQMD ten working days prior to disturbing, handling, or removing over 1% ACM. This is also the case with ACM over 100 SF. SCAQMD is responsible for all of Orange County, and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino County.

2. Inspection by an AHERA Certified Inspector
An inspection is not considered valid unless it was done by an AHERA certified building inspector. This would mean that the individual performing the sampling has to have at a minimum completed a 24-hour AHERA building inspector course and passed the exam at the end of the course. It should be noted that this is the requirement for testing under SCAQMD. This does not mean you can report just by having this certificate. You must still have the samples analyzed by an NVLAP lab and reported by a Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC). Failure of any of these requirements will surely get you penalized.

3. On-site supervisor with training proof and present during asbestos removal
The common problem here isn’t the lack of a supervisor. The problem is the lack of proper documentation. SCAQMD will expect that everyone on the site is trained and certified to perform asbestos removal. For them to know that, they will expect you to have all training documents available. This means all the certificates they require of you to perform the job, including the supervisor.

4. Lowered asbestos waste to ground via leak-tight chute if > 50 ft.
This may seem a little out there, but asbestos is commonly found on surfacing material. You can expect to find asbestos then in high places. For certain warehouses, and buildings this is a commonly overlooked problems contractors may overlook. Once you pass a certain height, there are new procedures to remove the asbestos. Remember this is there to ensure that the asbestos material slamming to the ground doesn’t break apart and get released into the air.

SCAQMD is required by law to follow these regulations. These four penalties may seem simple, but they are easy to overlook. Make sure that as a contractor, you are aware of current laws and regulations. A few penalties from agencies like AQMD can take you out of business. Be smart, and stay informed of the latest up to date regulations.