Lead-Paint is a potential hazard that can be found in homes. Below are the following services we provide for Lead Paint Inspection:

Lead-Paint Inspection

Home Biotesting provides Lead-Paint Inspection. From Single Family Residential to Commercial Properties, we collect paint chip samples to determine the presence of Lead. All findings will be delivered in a detailed report with follow up instructions and advice.

Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment

Home Biotesting also provides Asbestos Inspection. We offer package special for combining Asbestos Services with Lead Paint Inspection. Save now by combining the two services and get a complete assessment of the environmental hazards in your home. Contact our Consultants now to see how you can save by pairing the two services.


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Lead Paint can be found anywhere in your home. From the walls that surround it to the paint on some of your furniture. As of 1978, it is illegal to use lead-based paint in the U.S. This may cover the ground for homes built after that time, but there had been several incidents of imported paint from foreign countries that contained lead paint. Our Lead Paint Inspection will help you feel confident that your home or investment is safe from Lead. Another option is to also check out our blog. Keeping yourself informed will help you understand the process of the lead inspection, and show you methods to prevent exposure. You may also learn how to protect yourself from other potential environmental hazards.

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